As a chapter of Indivisible OCI is focused on #ACTION.  As a group we look to the main Indivisible  for weekly actions across the country that they feel need our help.  You can sign up for their newsletter on their website above.  This is a great place to start, and at our weekly meetings on Tuesday evening, leadership goes over the key items.

In addition, here are a number of the resources that you can use.

One of the best tools for quickly communicating with your Members of Congress (MoC) is ResistBot.   This tool will enable you to send a short (or long) communication to your congressman and/or senators.  When you text to resistbot it will send your comments by fax to your MoC.  When you first sign up you provide your name and address, from which it determines your MoC.  You don't need to repeat the information for subsequent communications.  Within minutes you can make your point of view known.

Resistbot has become extremely useful over time as it now can help you find town halls, and even make a phone call to a MoC without having to look up numbers.  It will actually connect you directly.

Another resource is 5 Calls.  The difference with this resource is that it provides phone numbers and sample scripts that use can use when you make a call.  Many people believe that an actual phone call counts more than an email or fax, but at times the phone lines get so busy you can't get through to even leave a message.

While the above resources are useful for contacting MoC, if you really want to help block the Republican assault on our country, you can get involved with one of the organizations working to elect Democrats (or progressive independents) to Congress and state legislatures.

A very active organization is Swing Left, which is dedicated to flipping the House of Representatives, putting the Democrats in the majority.  OCI has a relationship with SwingLeft.  We are working to replace a Trump-supporting Republican, Jeff Denham, with a Democrat who will be chosen in California's primary election on Jun 5th.  Volunteers go to CA-10 (Tracy, Modesto, Turlock, etc.) to help with voter registration and canvassing.  After the primary we will support Swing Left's efforts to get out the vote with phone banking, door knocking, etc.  Periodically we hope to get a coach to take us out as a group, making it a fun experience for all.

Every bit as important as turning Congress, is the need to replace Republicans in state and local elections.  Remember, the Republicans took over most state legislatures and governor's offices in 2010, leading to incredible gerrymandering.  We need to change that by winning in the states in 2020.  Sister District has started this process, and the amazing recent victories in Virginia and elsewhere.  It is now obvious that #ACTION  makes a real difference.   You might also like to check Flippable, which similar to Sister District is focused on flipping state legislatures.